Animation / Performance – p. 2

“What should we think about death?” Animated by Hyebin Lee, 2014.

Written & produced by the British Humanist Association and narrated by Stephen Fry, this animation presents a humanist (i.e., nonreligious) perspective on notions of death and an afterlife. The idea that the atoms of our bodies will nurture other life – “trees, birds, flowers and butterflies” – is appealing. Yet contemporary burial practices disconnect the body from Nature via plastic or metal caskets, vaults, and the use of toxic embalming fluids. This is not only true for most human cemeteries, but also for most pet cemeteries. Our Society raises awareness about this disconnection, while promoting research and  activities to foster a green burial sensibility – since conservation burial grounds are nature preserves.

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updated July 25, 2014

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