The Green Pet-Burial Society supports the certification program of the Green Burial Council (GBC).  The GBC previously only certified human cemeteries, but with the advent of the Green Pet-Burial Society, will certify pet cemeteries and providers (e.g., caskets, monuments, crematoria) on established ecological standards:

The Green Burial Council is an independent … nonprofit organization working to encourage environmentally sustainable deathcare and the use of burial as a new means of protecting natural areas … [and] has become the standard-bearer in this nascent field and the conduit for conservation.

Green Burial Options

The Pet Cemeteries listed below correspond to our four categories of green burials. We also provide a list of green Whole-Family Cemeteries that allow for the full-body burial of a pet’s remains in family plots. Cemeteries are listed alphabetically. If a cemetery does not reflect your sensibilities, try another; it is best to shop around.

Note: The vision, philosophy and policies of each cemetery are unique. Being listed is not an endorsement by the Green Pet-Burial Society.

Providers: Contact us if your facility is not listed below. To be certified for providing green burials, contact the Green Burial Council directly.*


Hybrid Pet Cemeteries

Pet cemeteries with designated green burial sections, i.e., pets are interred in biodegradable caskets (e.g., all wood, paper, or wicker – no metal nails or toxic glues) and/or biodegradable shrouds.

  • Deceased Pet Care – Atlanta, GA
  • Pet Memorial Acres – Town of Brookfield, NY (they have since closed)
  • Ridgeview Memorial Gardens – Grandville, MI (ask about their green pet burial section w/markers, as well as Pepper’s Meadow w/o markers)

Low-Impact Pet Cemeteries

Burial only using eco-friendly containers or shrouds in a park-like setting. A program of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been adopted for the grounds. Above the surface, these cemeteries may appear to like traditional cemeteries or memorial parks. 

  • Angels Rest, Kanab UT – a project of Best Friends Animal Society; caskets are not used.

Natural Pet-Burial Grounds

Pet cemeteries that inter pets in biodegradable caskets and/or shrouds, follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards, but which have not set policies to maintain their grounds as a nature preserve.

(none listed at this time)

Conservation Pet Burial Grounds / Wildlife Preserve

Pet cemeteries that include the above and also have developed policies and procedures to maintain their land as a nature preserve / wildlife preserve.

* Only cemeteries with an asterisk (*) have been certified by the Green Burial Council.

For a directory of International Providers, click here.

For a directory of Whole Family Cemeteries (that allow pets’ remains to be buried in family plots) click here.

updated March 18, 2015

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