International Cemetery Directory

What arrangements can people make for their pets’ remains outside of the USA? It is a fascinating topic! Please support the Green Pet-Burial Society in providing needed information to people wherever they may live.

Note: The vision and philosophy of each cemetery is unique. The following lists cemeteries recognized to provide green burial options. Being listed here is not an endorsement by the Green-Pet Burial Society.

Attention Providers: Contact us if your facility is not listed. If you would like to be certified for providing green burials, contact the certifying agency in your region directly.


United Kingdom

  • Memorial Woodlands, Bristol, England – pet cremains (only) may be buried in the family plot
  • Penwith Woodland Burial Place, Chyanhal, UK – full body pet-burial in family plot
  • Respect GB (Respect Great Britain – Respect Green Burials), Lincolnshire, UK
    • Laughton, near the North Linc’s / Lincolnshire border serving both counties on the A159 DN21 3AF
    • Scrooby / Bawtry, Great North Rd J A638/A614 North Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire DN10 6AB

updated February 4, 2012

2 thoughts on “International Cemetery Directory

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  2. You may be interested to know that in Australia we have environmentally friendly pet cemeteries, where primarily whole pet bodies are buried and a Memorial Tree planted on top.

    The pets details and a photograph are attached to the tree GPS location and can be accessed using a mobile phone with camera or any device with internet access. Whole body burial will benefit the tree as the root system reaches the pet – the circle of life. Pet burials using this service are creating flora and fauna refuge, with each burial finding the prorogation of at least one tree.

    Our next project is to fund the operations of an open plan zoo by using the green belts as cemeteries. As the zoo has been operational for nearly a century the site may be considered to be secure.


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