The desire for and act of burying a pet’s remains – whether in a family cemetery plot or other sacred space – is not a recent trend. People have been doing this for millenia, throughout the world and throughout history. Wherever such practices were not culturally sanctioned, it’s likely that there were still  those who would have opted for a natural burial at the passing of a beloved pet.

This section will present some of the more salient aspects of pet burial. Contact us if you’d like to submit an article.

Family Burial Plots

There is great evidence from throughout history of humans and (other) animals being buried in the same or adjoining burial plots and vaults.

More to come…

Plastic Caskets

While many recall the 1960s as a period of a new back-to-the-land movement, another history was brewing – the introduction of plastic caskets at pet cemeteries. Manufacturer, Hoegh Pet Casket Co., states on their website (2010):

Hoegh Industries is a pioneer of pet caskets, and has been producing a quality product since 1966. Hoegh pet caskets are vacuum formed out of high-impact styrene plastic… In 2002, over 35,000 caskets and burial shells were sold.

More to come …

photo credit: bobmarley753, flickr.com

updated May 25, 20102

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