Whole-Family Cemeteries featured on NPR and in a new book!


iStockphoto/Getty Images via NPR blog. Although we love the subtle shades of greys and greens, the image used by NPR is not that of a conservation cemetery – which would look like a wildlife preserve. Here, nature reclaims what was built.

We’ve had a great month!

The Green Pet-Burial Society and its programs promoting conservation whole-family cemeteries were highlighted in the new book, Even Vegans Die, by Carol Adams, Patti Breitman, and Ginny Kisch Messina. We were especially delighted that the authors chose to conclude the book with a discussion of our idyllic work, which highlights continuity and hope rather than a severing ‘death.’

Additionally, news outlet NPR (National Public Radio) featured our work in a recent blog by anthropologist Barbara King, entitled When ‘Whole-Family’ Cemeteries Include Our Pets. King wrote the influential book, How Animals Grieve (University of Chicago Press, 2013), which is listed in our Bibliography. We’re particularly pleased with the quote she used:

Project founder Eric Greene said via email:

“Conservation whole-family cemeteries bring together two concepts and practices, whole-family cemeteries and conservation burial grounds, into a singular experience that is beautiful in its simplicity, and exceedingly comforting to the bereaved. What is key is that the pet remains aren’t buried as property or ‘grave goods’ but as family members and this relationship is recognized and honored.

Earth burials are an unexpected strategy for protecting/restoring the land as a wildlife preserve. In addition to protecting the environment and keeping families together, something else occurs — we experience ourselves as part of the earth and our connections with all animals is strengthened.”

Read the full article here.

To see other articles about us, visit our News page – we’ve been covered by Audubon Magazine, E Magazine, MNN, CNN, The Miami Herald, Life with Dogs, among others.

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