Diàn Fowles

Diàn Fowles, Advisor

dian-fowlesWith a background in environmental history and philosophy, I have long had a deep interest in human-nonhuman relationships. While at the University of Adelaide, I completed an Honours degree, investigating ways that animals are used in advertising and what the consequences of such representations might ultimately have on broader environmental messages.

Following the completion of my Honours year I undertook post graduate work at Flinders University (Australia) in grief, loss and trauma counselling. In large part due to the loss of my dear old dog, who had been with me for around eighteen and a half years, I am specifically focused on disenfranchised grief and companion animal loss and grief.

I am currently in the final year of a Ph.D., also at Flinders University, which is broadly based on an exploration of the impacts of natural disasters on human-nonhuman relationships. My research participants’ responses have underscored just how profoundly transformative such extreme experiences can be, as well as revealing the varying levels of connection and commitment humans can have with and for nonhuman animals. I am using a pluralist methodological approach to investigate experiential issues as well as delve into more latent, interpretive aspects of my data.

On a more personal level, my second great interest is photography and I have, to date, had several solo exhibitions and been part of a number of group shows. I am particularly drawn to street photography, urban landscapes and abstract photography.

added September 12, 2016

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