Kristin Stewart

Kristin L. Stewart, JD, PhD – Advisor

Kristin L. StewartKristin L. Stewart comes to us with a diverse professional background – attorney, scholar, ethicist, policy advisor, animal welfare advocate, and most recently, spiritual counselor. She earned her JD with honors from Loyola University School of Law, where she served as an editor on the Loyola Law Review. After practicing as a trial attorney for several years, she returned to graduate school and, in 2006, earned her PhD in Geography and Environmental Sciences from Florida State University. As a scholar, Kris’ interdisciplinary research, publications and invited talks have focused on bioethics, animal law, and nature-society relationships. In addition, Kris is a part-time hospital chaplain. She is currently an interfaith seminary student and has expanded her research to include the link between spirituality and health. Her aim is to develop an evidence-based program of spiritual care to support those who care for others.

Kris has been invited to speak on matters of animal law, policy and ethics at Duke University; published in law journals and edited volumes, including The Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships (edited by Marc Bekoff); co-authored a white paper advising government and private stakeholders on the myriad issues involved in commercial human-dolphin interaction programs; worked for corporate and nonprofit clients as an ethics consultant; taught university classes in political science, geography and environmental science; and has served on the board of the Animals and Society Institute for over seven years. She has also served as an advisor to the Green Pet-Burial Society since 2011, and mentor to its parent organization, Family Spirals™ (in development) since 2013.

Fueling all of Kris’ endeavors is a passion for connection, an integral approach to understanding the world and our place in it, and a desire to be of service.

updated May 23, 2014


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