We have been mentioned in a variety of blogs that are not generally regarded as news outlets. Enjoy!

June 4, 2018
Greener Pet Burial: Why Not?” by Doug Moss and Roddy Scheer, in EarthTalk.               Reprinted as “EarthTalk: Options for a ‘green’ pet funeral” in StudyHall.Rocks.

March 26, 2018
Thinking About Having a ‘Green’ Funeral? Here’s What you need to Know” by Richard Wagner, in The Amateur’s Guide to Death & Dying.

April 20, 2017
“My dog just died — what do I do?” Part 1 by Namrata Kolla, in The Forever Spot by Coeio.

Legally burying pets & the Green Pet Burial Society” in The Forever Spot by Coeio.