Eric Greene, Founder & President

Kool&theGang2Beginning in the early-1980s, Eric Greene developed and graduated with the first interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate degrees in Animals & Culture Studies from Binghamton University and Vermont College (now part of The Union Institute and University), respectively, followed by advanced study in cultural anthropology at the New School for Social Research.  Read More >>

Gala Argent, Advisor

Gala-Argent (2)Gala Argent holds a Ph.D. in Archaeology and M.A. and B.A. degrees in Communication Studies. Recognized as a leading authority on human-horse relationships, her work focuses upon the pro-social aspects of relationships through which humans and other social animals – primarily horses – come together. She has shared significant information and perspectives to enhance the work of the Green Pet-Burial Society and our efforts in promoting whole-family cemeteries.   Read more >>

Sienna Córdova, Research Associate

Sienna-CórdobaSienna Córdoba is a scholar of human-ocean relationships. Her research is focused on turtles and how their migratory patterns have affected human history. Most recently, Sienna was awarded a Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar graduate fellowship on the topic of “Sea Change” regarding European colonization of the Caribbean and its waterways.   Read more >>

Diàn Fowles, Advisor

dian-fowlesDiàn Fowles completed post-graduate work at Flinders University (Australia) in grief, loss and trauma counselling. She is specifically focused on disenfranchised grief and companion animal loss and grief. Currently in the final year of a Ph.D. at Flinders U., she is exploring the impacts of natural disasters on human-nonhuman relationships. She has also investigated ways in which animals are used in advertising and the consequences of such representations on broader environmental messages. Read more>>

Hilda Kean, Advisor

Hilda KeanHilda Kean PhD, FRHistS is a historian. She has researched and published widely on both public/cultural history and the history and representation of non-human animals.Her recent work has focused in the way in which animals are memorialized. She is currently writing a book to be published by University of Chicago Press on the cat and dog massacre on the Home Front in Britain during the Second World War. Her website and blog provides more detail.  Read More >>

Paul Koudounaris, Advisor

Paul-KoudounarisPaul Koudounaris has a PhD in Art History from UCLA and is well known as an author on macabre visual culture, especially involving the history of mortality. He was penned three award winning books: The Empire of Death (a study of ossuaries), Heavenly Bodies (a history of Baroque-era jeweled skeletons), and Memento Mori (a global look at the use of human remains in funerary culture). Read More >>

Jessica Pierce, Advisor

Jessica PierceJessica Pierce, Ph.D. is a bioethicist and writer. Her 2012 book, The Last Walk: Reflections on Our Pets at the Ends of Their Lives, explores end-of-life care, dying, and euthanasia in the lives of our companion animals, weaving analysis together with a journal chronicling the decline and death of her beloved dog Odysseus. She also writes a blog, “All Dogs Go To Heaven” on the Psychology Today website.  Read More >>

Boria Sax, Advisor

Boria-SaxBoria Sax has published about 15 books, most of which are about human-animal relations in folklore, history, and other aspects of human culture, which have been translated into many languages, including Animals in the Third Reich (2012) and Imaginary Animals: The Monstrous, the Wondrous and the Human(2013). He teaches in the graduate literature program of Mercy College. He also teaches liberal arts courses at Sing Sing and Taconic prisons. Read More>>

Kristin L. Stewart, Advisor

Kristin L. StewartKristin L. Stewart is an attorney, scholar, ethicist, policy advisor, animal welfare advocate, and spiritual counselor. After practicing as a trial attorney for several years, she earned her Ph.D. in geography and environmental sciences. Kris’ interdisciplinary research focused on bioethics, animal law, and nature-society relationships. She is currently an interfaith seminary student focusing on the link between spirituality and health.  Read More >>

Kristin L. Stewart, is an attorney and PhD in cultural geography with an emphasis on animals and society. Kris engages in teaching and research related to exploring the ethical, legal and social dimensions of human-animal relations. – See more at:
Kristin L. Stewart, is an attorney and PhD in cultural geography with an emphasis on animals and society. Kris engages in teaching and research related to exploring the ethical, legal and social dimensions of human-animal relations. – See more at:

updated December 5, 2016


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