Green Pet Cemeteries

The green pet cemeteries listed below correspond to our four categories of green burial. If one cemetery does not reflect your sensibilities, consider another; it is best to shop around.

Note: The vision, philosophy and policies of each cemetery are unique. Being listed below is not an endorsement by the Green Pet-Burial Society.

Providers: Contact us if your facility is not listed below.

Cemeteries are listed alphabetically. 

Hybrid Pet Cemeteries

Pet cemeteries with designated green burial sections, i.e., pets are interred in biodegradable caskets (e.g., all wood, paper, or wicker – no metal nails or toxic glues) and/or biodegradable shrouds.

  • Deceased Pet Care – Atlanta, GA
  • Pet Memorial Acres – Town of Brookfield, NY (they have since closed)
  • Ridgeview Memorial Gardens – Grandville, MI (ask about their green pet burial section w/markers, as well as Pepper’s Meadow w/o markers)

Low-Impact Pet Cemeteries

Burial only using eco-friendly containers or shrouds in a park-like setting. A program of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been adopted for the grounds. Above the surface, these cemeteries may appear to like traditional cemeteries or memorial parks. 

  • Angels Rest, Kanab UT – a project of Best Friends Animal Society; caskets are not used.

Natural Pet-Burial Grounds

Pet cemeteries that inter pets in biodegradable caskets and/or shrouds, follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards, but which have not set policies to maintain their grounds as a nature preserve.

Conservation Pet Burial Grounds / Wildlife Preserve

Pet cemeteries that include the above and also have developed policies and procedures to maintain their land as a nature preserve / wildlife preserve.

  • *Carolina Memorial Sanctuary, Mills River, NC. (In addition to a separate pet-burial section, they also allow pet remains to be buried alongside human remains.) added 5/9/18
  • *Greenhaven Preserve, Eastover, SC. (In addition to a separate pet-burial section, they also allow pet remains to be buried alongside human remains; see our Whole Family Cemeteries directory.)

* Cemeteries with an asterisk (*) have been certified by the Green Burial Council.


While the Green Pet-Burial Society supports the certification program of the Green Burial Council (GBC), they do not certify green pet cemeteries. However, they do certify human cemeteries with a separate pet section as well as green Whole-Family Cemeteries that provide full-body burials of pets’ remains in family plots:

The Green Burial Council is…working to encourage environmentally sustainable deathcare and the use of burial as a new means of protecting natural areas … [and] has become the standard-bearer in this nascent field and the conduit for conservation.

More Information

For a directory of International Providers, click here.

For a directory of Whole Family Cemeteries (that allow pets’ remains to be buried in family plots) click here.

updated May 12, 2018

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