Public Education

Public Education & Outreach

To encourage families to become informed about local green burial options for their companion animals before their pet passes on.


Generally, we only deal with cemeteries and funeral arrangements at a time of death, when decisions need to be made relatively quickly. Most people don’t like to think about death, especially the death of a loved one (or of oneself). Unfortunately, when a loved one passes and arrangements need to be made, many have been frustrated with the funeral experience and the limited options available. We do our best in the moment, but then most of us just turn back to our lives and away from the funeral-related problems we just experienced.


The Green Pet-Burial Society advances a “consumer’s right to know” when dealing with the personal and profound purchase of funerary arrangements for a beloved pet.

We seek to provide the general public with a single source of information about pet-burial options through this website, and to raise awareness of the various aspects of pet-burial including:

  • type of cemeteries (pet, human, family)
  • type of earth burials
  • distinctions between state laws that regulate human cemeteries and (if they exist) pet cemeteries
  • information about pet cemetery operations
  • key organizations that govern and influence pet cemeteries, human cemeteries, green cemeteries
  • providers
  • ways to become more involved in making green burial options available

Outreach is conducted to veterinarians and veterinarian associations; humane societies and other pet-oriented organizations; environmental organizations; environmental and healthy living expos; religious organizations; plus other healthy/green living venues.

This outreach is conducted together. Join us!

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updated April 27, 2010

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