Join Us!

A few have asked, “how can I be a part of the Green Pet-Burial Society?”

In the weeks ahead, we will begin to formalize ways in which people may participate. We seek your input! Until then, here are some ideas:

  1. Subscribe: Stay abreast of new developments on the front-page blog. Subscriptions are free – just sign in at the right sidebar. Also, check back regularly – since this is a new venture, new information is added weekly.
  2. Inspire: Your participation begins with you – what would you like to do? As a Society, it is for each of us to figure out ways to make our own personal contribution. This is a ground-up initiative.
  3. Outreach: We can all start by sharing the link to the Society website with others; talking about the issues presented with others; and printing the brochure and passing it along to those without computer access.
  4. Goals & Objectives: The Society lists several goals and objectives; are there any to which you’d like to devote some time? This would include speaking with families with pets, veterinarians, and/or local pet cemetery personnel. You may also consider how you can integrate the Society’s work with your personal contacts, associations and skills.
  5. Fundraise: While the Society is largely a volunteer organization, there are still nominal costs involved. Your generous donation will help us to develop the Society, its website and activities. Presently, donations are not tax-deductible. You may also help raise awareness by emailing a link to the Green Pet-Burial Society to your friends and colleagues who may be interested in our work.

We’d be happy to work with you to develop a meaningful strategy for yourself.

updated 5/25/10