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  1. Being a Brit, i was brought up with Everyone having a pet animal (dog usually), though we had several varieties of creatures, and i doubt anyone there would quiver twice around the choice to bury a beloved pet with the owner/caretaker. I had no idea there were special pet crematoriums, however, and i’m blown away by the number there are in the US!

    My favorite dog was buried in a shirt i always wore, with something favored of mine and of his, in the garden under a tree where he liked to scout for rabbits…but then i was fortunate enough to have a garden and wood to grown up in. It must be a whole different situation for city/townsfolk.

    I spent 2 hours today at the vets with a dog with a broken toe (limping on 3 legs), and was reminded of the terrible choice people must have to make who cannot afford the bill. And those who cannot physically take care of their pet, nor themselves in some cases, and again face a crisis decision.

    All bringing me back to the worthwhile service that you offer, for many reasons. Anyway, thanks for what you do.


  2. I am thrilled to learn about the work of Green Pet-Burial Society. I am an ordained interfaith / post-denomiational minister. I want to do more as a pet-chaplain. I have read every page of you web site and feel your goals and directives coinside with my own.

    I am located near Greenville, SC but my home is in Tahlequah, OK where I live in the foot hills of the Ozarks. I’ll be back there soon.

    What can I do to be a part of the Green Pet-Burial Society?

    Bless your work,


    • Welcome Barbara!

      A few have raised this important question. I just added a new sub-page, Join Us!, which gives some ideas.

      Additionally, there may be specific ways in which to contribute in your role as a minister. For example, you may want to share this information in a larger context with those to whom you minister. You may also want to introduce this topic to other ministers in your network.

      A pet-chaplain – it’s a beautiful idea. I’d make this service known to vets in your area as well as to pet cemetery personnel (according to your comfort level as these cemeteries may not be green). It could also be a service for those opting for a home burial.

      I look forward to working with you.


  3. You were obviously a wonderful caregiver to Max and I hope knowing this brings you some comfort.

    Interesting that the difficulty in finding a preferred resting place had to do with land ownership –


    • Thank you for your kind words.

      I briefly thought the issue of land ownership might be one of class, yet there are struggling families with land, and affluent folk renting city apartments or residing in condos or co-ops without land.

      The lack of natural burial options are based on a more general cemetery culture in the U.S. (and elsewhere), which I suspect only partly reflects the general public’s wishes.


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