Local Mobilization

Family Empowerment & Mobilization

To encourage pet ‘owners’ to set up a local (non-profit) burial society in order to work with existing pet cemeteries, purchase pet cemeteries, or establish new green pet cemeteries.


The interaction between families and pet cemeteries usually begins at the passing of a pet and ends with the burial. In keeping with the mission of the Green Pet-Burial Society, we seek to empower families to shape the options available to them when a beloved pet dies.


This is a consumer advocacy initiative. When pet owners unite and become more involved with local aftercare options and opportunities, it is more likely that pet cemeteries will seek permanent status and fulfill clients’ wishes for natural burial. Additionally, they will be in a position to either purchase a pet cemetery that’s available for sale or to establish one themselves.

Model:  S.O.P.H.I.E. and Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park

SOPHIE was established as a nonprofit organization by pet owners in order to purchase the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park from its former owner.  They have since gained permanent status for the cemetery, and have effectively maintained and expanded its services. Premium importance is given to customer satisfaction. Although the LA Pet Memorial Park is not a green burial site, they do offer consumers the option of burial in simple pine caskets made without nails.

updated April 28, 2010

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