Pet Cemetery Professionals

Education for Pet Cemetery Professionals

To provide pet cemetery owners and managers with information that will support their interest in and provision of green burial options.


Many families wish to give their departed pet’s remains a natural burial in a pet cemetery, yet this is rarely an option. Pet cemeteries can fulfill this wish. By dedicating a portion or all of a pet cemetery to green burials – and having that land deeded in perpetuity – pet cemetery owners will find a new market among families who cherish their companion animals and value nature.


  • Increase awareness about the growing acceptance and desire for green burials
  • Encourage existing pet cemeteries to designate a portion of or all of their cemetery to green burials
  • Encourage new pet cemeteries to adopt green burial practices
  • Encourage existing and new cemeteries to seek permanent protected status
  • Advance environmental protection practices in pet cemeteries
  • Support whole-family cemeteries and cemeteries with a separate pet section in acquiring certification by the Green Burial Council


A 4-page pamphlet entitled, The Greening of Pet Cemeteries, covers the basic conceptual, cultural, aesthetic and economic aspects of significance to cemetarians and eco-conscious consumers. Additionally, it reimagines pet cemeteries as local centers for environmental sustainability.

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updated November 25, 2015

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