New Pamphlet: The Greening of Pet Cemeteries

The Green Pet-Burial Society has recently been contacted by several people seeking to create new pet cemeteries, and several more wanting to create either a green burial section in an existing cemetery, or implement eco-friendly practices throughout their cemetery.

In response, we prepared a new document for pet cemetery professionals which covers the basic conceptual, cultural, aesthetic and economic aspects that are significant to cemeterians and eco-conscious consumers. Additionally, it reimagines pet cemeteries as local centers for environmental sustainability.

Entitled, The Greening of Pet Cemeteries, it is posted on the “Pet Cemetery Professionals” webpage.

This new document made its debut at the recent annual convention of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories (IAOPCC). Very encouraging!

As always, your generous donation helps to cover administrative and printing costs, and helps maintain our educational and public awareness programs.

photo credit: (c) 2009 Tina Lapointe photography 

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