2010-11 Year in Review

"Yellow Flowers" © Flickr.com Zest_pk

Thank You for your interest in, and support of, the Green Pet-Burial Society. What an extraordinary year! When I founded the Society in early 2010, it was important to launch our website first in order to provide grieving individuals and families with information they needed to make practical and green burial arrangements upon the passing of a beloved animal. No other service provides the type of information we do. It’s heartening to know that many found help either directly from us or from the information posted.

If you haven’t visited the website since its launch, you’ll see that it’s grown significantly. There’s still new information to add, and we plan to sharpen its environmental focus. We’re also putting together an advisory council of dedicated individuals who share our goals.

New and important connections are being established with directors of human and pet cemeteries; funeral homes; pet, bereavement and green burial organizations; and associations listed on our Resources webpage. We’ve also become a resource for scholars and students interested in the emerging field of pet thanatology.

Entrepreneurs wanting to start a green pet cemetery – and green whole-family cemetery directors seeking to include pet burials in their cemeteries – have contacted us requesting information and support. Finally, several small casket and shroud manufacturers requested that we create online listings of green burial products. We continue to look for transportation partners who can ensure the responsible transport of a pet’s remains for a burial back home.

Finally, we’ll keep you posted of plans to incorporate the Society in a new nonprofit that will focus on a variety of important family issues. As always, your generous donation goes a long way in promoting green pet-burials in pet and family cemeteries – and in raising awareness of the enduring bonds we have with our animal companions.

With warm regards,

Eric Greene

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