Two New Green Cemeteries!

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The Green Pet-Burial Society is happy to announce two new green cemeteries:

  • Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery in Gainesville, FL
  • Greenhaven Preserve in Eastover, SC.

Both are listed on our Providers webpage. Greenhaven Preserve includes both, a family cemetery and a pet cemetery. 

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery, Gainesville, FL  

Prairie Creek Conservation CemeteryPrairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC) is located in the heart of North Florida, just outside Gainesville and close to Paynes Prairie. The cemetery includes wild grass meadows and stands of classic North Florida oaks. As a natural burial choice, it is also an opportunity to help conserve the beauty of Florida.

Freddie Johnson, Executive Director of the parent organization, Conservation Burial, Inc., wrote to us stating that by “providing an opportunity for folks to bury their beloved pets in the same natural cemetery as they plan to be buried in (or that a family member is already buried in) is immensely meaningful to our clients.”

Greenhaven Preserve, Eastover, SC 

Greenhaven PreserveGreenhaven Preserve is a 10-acre natural burial cemetery devoted to the long-term preservation and guardianship of the sacred land upon which it rests. Their mission is to restore and protect the surrounding fields and forests, waters and wildlife, views and vistas while providing a simple, meaningful and sustainable alternative to modern burial.

Cemetery Manager, Tara McCoy, informed us that Greenhaven Preserve is “a Green Burial Council certified conservation burial ground … located just a few minutes outside of downtown Columbia … We offer a separate pet burial section of our cemetery and also allow families to be buried with their pets.”

photo detail: summer wishes [Explored!] by Shandi-lee

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