Two more Whole-Family Cemeteries in UK

A wonderful mix of native woodland meadow flowers at Respects GB Scrooby / Bawtry Memorial Park

Brits love their pets! We just learned of Respect GB (Respect Great Britain – Respect Green Burials) and their two green burial grounds. According to their website:

We now operate two private Natural Woodland Green Burial Parks, predominantly for burying people, however we have a separate area that uniquely offers the burial of animals and pet lovers side by side in our togetherness section. This rather exclusive opportunity for you to be buried alongside your pets can only take place in a special fully licensed cemetery of which we own two of the four burial grounds in the UK.

  • Laughton near the North Linc’s / Lincolnshire border serving both counties DN21 3AF
  • Scrooby / Bawtry Great North Rd J A638/A614 North Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire DN10 6AB

Because of today’s modern lifestyle we cannot always choose to live a green life, but green burial is our opportunity to have a respectful green end to our cycle of life and put something good back into mother earth.

To see our growing list of international green Whole-Family Cemeteries and Green Pet Cemeteries, visit our International Providers page.

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