Whole-Family Cemeteries

Whole-Family Cemeteries

Whole-Family Cemeteries allow full body burials of a pet’s remains in the family cemetery plot. In various cultures throughout history, humans have buried beloved animals in family burial plots. We seek to:

  1. change U.S. state cemetery laws in order to allow for the full-body burial of pets remains in family cemetery plots.
  2. encourage and support efforts internationally to establish green whole-family cemeteries. 


In the U.S., while pets can be buried in family plots in many states, this practice is currently prohibited in Georgia, New York, Oregon, Virginia and Washington (we are investigating other state laws for a complete listing).


Write to your legislators in GA, NY, OR or WA requesting to repeal these laws, and let us know their response.

Note: policies of individual cemeteries vary greatly. Even in those states where pets may be buried in family plots, a particular cemetery may prohibit it. However, others would gladly accommodate such a request, as seen among many green cemeteries.


Virginia General Assembly HB 588, introduced in 2014. Read our blog.

Washington State Legislature SB 5063, introduced in 2009, voted down. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?year=2009&bill=5063
Commentary by cemetery professionals here

Visit our Providers pages for a list of Whole-Family Cemeteries in the U.S. and internationally.

For information to ensure ongoing care of your companion animal in the event that you die before your pet, visit our page on Pet Trusts.

updated June 3, 2014

6 thoughts on “Whole-Family Cemeteries

  1. This is very informative. Can you point me to more information on the whole family burial prohibition in California and its current status?


  2. PET MEMORIAL ACRES is 14+ acres licensed by New York state and legally dedicated in perpetuity as a pet cemetery featuring Pet Memorial Park. I encourage green burial and provide a section of the cemetery for green burials only. By “green” burial, I refer to use of biodegradable, non-toxic materials, such as linen shrouds, plain pine boxes, biodegradable paper or wicker caskets, etc. Our goal is to provide options to pet owners while preserving and protecting our natural resources. We do not encourage what I refer to as “golf course” style grooming and use of chemicals for cemetery grounds. We are striving for a natural look and low impact to the area. Little or no use of non-organic compounds is the goal. Green is good! Check out MemorialAcres.com for more information.
    All best, Darryl Simcoe, Founder

  3. I wonder if in NY a more practical approach is to promote allowing licensed pet cemetery operators to bury human cremains with their pets. I’ m sure you are aware of the on-going controversy in our state. So many people are electing cremation, and providing the burial of human cremains with their pets is a very reasonable option that also promotes the pet cemetery industry. PET MEMORIAL ACRES (memorialAcres.com) is all about providing options to pet owners.

    • Thanks for your post. For those who are comfortable with cremation, they should have the option of having their cremains buried or scattered in a pet cemetery. Yet there are many people who for a number of reasons (e.g., religious, environmental) will not be cremated, and who would not want to cremate their pets’ remains. As such, whole-family cemeteries are a beautiful choice. In NY State, such an option is prohibited at this time. As you may know we have a directory of green pet cemeteries and would like to know more about Pet Memorial Acres – is yours a green pet cemetery? Is it deeded in perpetuity? If you prefer, feel free to email us at info @ greenpetburial.org.

      • Eric,
        NY has now ruled that pet cemeteries can accept human cremains for burial with their pets. In a weird twist, they ruled that pet cemeteries cannot advertise that they accept human cremains for burial with their pets. I’m trying to get a copy of the very recent ruling.
        All best,
        Darryl Simcoe
        Pet Memorial Acres

      • Darryl,
        This is wonderful news! I would like to learn more about the whole process and yes, the ruling. In addition, the Green Pet-Burial Society can list which pet cemeteries would be willing to do this. The only thing is – most pet cemeteries are not deeded in perpetuity – although some are. This would be an important consideration for the family.
        All best,

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